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Jellyspon Round (face cleansing)

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Jellyspon Round (for face cleansing or female cleansing)

Jellyspon™ is the world first weak acidic fiber jelly sponge made of pure glucomannan registered as a functional material in the Ministry of Food and D rug Safety. Glucomannan as functional fiber helps to lower bad cholesterol and improve your digestion. When taken with water, it will absorb the water and cause the fibrous material itself to swell and jellify. Thus glucomannan can adsorb and eliminate internal fat & wastes. We make this glucomannan fiber sponge structure of Jellyspon ™ and keep it skin friendly weak acidic pH5.5 for skin care As glucomannan cleaning your internal body, Jellyspon™ will effectively adsorb & remove excessive oil(sebum), waste and toxins from your skin without irritation and without harming your skin barrier while supplying moisture. 


Jellyspon round is designed for women use. You may use your face cleansing or specially for female cleansing.


- For Face & Body





80 x 80 x 25mm


95 x 95 x 30mm


  • Baby / Infants bath
  • Children bath
  • Atopic skin cleaning/bath
  • Acne skin cleaning/bath
  • Trouble/sensitive skin cleaning/bath
  • Morning wash
  • Evening wash with weak acidic soap
  • Cleaning off sun cream
  • Aged skin
  • Dry skin
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